Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIS-organized design: how to easy design your room

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REgular old recycling: except this time its on your wall

My walls can quickly turn into an assortment of newspaper cuttings that are turned into wall collages. Anything goes really. Colors, black and white. The adds for clothes and jewlery have the biggest color schemes so that is usually where I get my materials from. Life sections have intereseting graphics, magazines have the glossy paper, art magazines have pictures of art, and national geographic has the best landscape/animal/people/star scenes. You get the picture?

If you have blank walls but you read magazines, newspapers, or anything with pictures....start cutting them out for easy decoration. I always like to take out articles too if they were a must with the picture.

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I could of hung a poster here..but I don't have one

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Free art material
For all you college dorm peeps, start reading or just scoping out for pictures to tack on your wall. Most everyone puts pictures of their family and friends but others like to keep it design savy (like me) and keep the walls for the biggest art works. Usually I incorporate pictures of family and friends into the wall collages. Like frames that are sweet because they are recycled and can change any day, unlike regular frames that stay the same shape....boring. So break out the magazines, newspapers or found pictures and start filling the white
 walls with color/design/images.

Go. Design.

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