Sunday, October 23, 2011

Murals Made with Paper: Bike Stencils

Bike themed entry way

Want an easy way to decorate without having to be good at art? 
 Use this guide for a recycled interior design look to your home at no cost!

Make a stencil of ANYTHING and use cool magazine paper to make it
stand out on your wallspace. This is a good, easy, and creative way for non-creative people to decorate their place. Find an interesting shape, or design you like, print it, cut it out, and make multiples. Use color paper and this effect can look professional and hipster.

1. START with getting an image of what you are going to stencil. I just googled handlebars and road bike to find this image.

Simplified stencil
2. MAKE your own stencil by tracing and cutting out a printed image of your own design or google image.  Fortify the stencil by using a hard paper stock or 'laminate' it by covering it with tape and trimming the edges off.

3. DECIDE what color magazine paper to use. I chose orange because

all the rest were blue so as to create a color contrast on the wall.Craft projects like this are best done with a form of entertainment going on in the background. Say a movie, music, movie, or a movie, you get the picture.
Don't worry too much about being exact. From far away it will look awesome.
Just make as many as you want.
4. APPLY on wall. I used a repeated pattern which is the easiest thing to do when using a stencil; multiples and spread them out in an interesting way. The color is the thing that matters most so make sure your paper your using has what your looking for.                           

Now you have ideas for projects of your own. Forget expensive posters or expensive weird colored wallpaper, just do your own interior home design with art murals that reflect exactly what you want to share with the world, or yourself, or your pet bunny, whoever...everyone can be friends with going to go get a beer. 

Stick glue. Wall. Presto.

A free installation piece for the price of two hours.

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