Monday, October 24, 2011

Making college dorms less ugly and more SWEET-ASS

Everyone likes to be in a relaxing environment, be around nature, a nice artsy living space and maybe a few animals walking, swimming, flying around could be a nice add in as well. During my time in college I put my creative side to making sure my living space was full of color and design.

From smelly space to smelly space I gathered together national geographics and cut out all the color pages and went to work. These murals did not take hours, and in fact I just prep all the materials while watching movies so the time could be theoretically mostly lounging time.

I knew it was going to be animal themed and so chose big animals to travel on the walls. Whale, turtle, elephant, jelly fish and smaller things like lizard and shark in the odd spots. Tazo Tea tags are what I use to embellish
the design. And beer bottle caps make up the head-dress of the elephant.
Elephant with beer-bottle cap and Tazo Tea strip embellishments
The shark that only ate pie
Underwater scene; whale, turtle, jellyfish and shark

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