Saturday, December 10, 2011

When Stormtroopers Go On Beer Runs

I love stormtroopers and beer, so when the idea came up I went for it. By mixing one of the only lines they have in the films, "These aren't the droids were looking for," With a line I frequently say, i.e. anything with the word beer in it, magic happened.

This is a birthday/Christmas present for my twin, happy birthday and merry christmas twin!!! You now have this awesome picture to show all your star wars friend. hehheheh.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas Asian: From one asian to another, sharing our love of Jim

Yeah, I went there.
This is for my circus friend Linh, aka asian, aka my good friend. He does a lot with his art - lots of scribbles of landscapes and people and some other *interesting stuff - (hahahha, you can hit me later) and enjoys doing portraits of people occasionally. I decided to return the favor. Linh also shares a liking of Jim with me. Jim is a lot of fun, he really can make a place feel like home. Sometimes when I bring my friend Jim to a party or with me to visit a friend, the night gets a whole lot more interesting or at least opens us up to say more than we would have with out him.

So in dedication to honing a skill with watercolors, I practiced with making a one-of-a-kind christmas card. Now, Linh, you have the best christmas card in the world. I hope you treasure it forever.

I dont know if anyone is going to answer me, but, "Do you like pizza?"

Merry Christmaschanukahakan My Circus Friend