Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy Art-Decked Out College Dorm Room: Paper art for artists who want (to be cheap) murals

Color Meets Me

   I have never lived in a place that I couldn't put my own touch in. My room is a homage to National Geographic's expensive cameras and adventurous photographers splashed all across my walls. My living room, hallways, basement, bathroom, kitchen, TV room, you get the picture, are all covered in art work. It is a must for me to not have white walls surrounding my lounging time. Doing your own home interior design makes your place just that much more you, your style, your likes, represented and there for everyone to see.

This room you see above I lived in for a year and decked it out to the nines with pirate ships, cutouts of dudes, my painting class mess-ups, painted turtles and my favorite was the Tazo Tea bag tags that I use everywhere (paper art or recycled art is like a mantra for me). Clearly, based on the picture above some minimalism could of been exercised but, who cares, it was my college dorm room. That coffee table is made out of the box that the futon couch came in. My roommate and I decided because we bought the couch from an unmentionable store.......We could do penance by making craft projects and really just everything out of cardboard. And so I made a full-on coffee table that housed all our booze in the day and became the world's best can-last-only-two-years coffee table.

If you are in a college dorm right now, have nothing on the walls, or in an apartment, a temporary space, go crazy, because you only live once, why not make your time in one space memorable through the way you transform the space you live in. If you need ideas for how to projects in recycling just google search it and you can find so many ideas. Cut out newspaper images, embellish them, do not buy posters, or if you do, cut them up, make your room a colorful and interesting place to let your eye wander around.

Crack Meets Ashley's Room
Want to turn your room into something like this? A cool modern interior design that screams crazy??!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turtle Time: Recycled Pizza Box Turned Sea Turtle Add-On to Living Room

Turtle Turtle Tazo Tea Tags

Being a poor poor college student, buying canvas for something I was not going to get a grade on was not an option at the time. One night, after leaving another dorm, I happened past a Mark's Pizza box, the biggest one they give out. I found it had few grease stains and so decided to keep it for some later reason.

Well, that reason came up, I wanted a turtle and I wanted to paint it but I did not have any canvas or free-paper is more like it, to use. And so I cut out a turtle from the pizza box and painted it with acrylic paint all in one night. Craft projects like these are easy, its just about finding the right timing, I had the box for three weeks before I did anything with it. But now I have a sweet turtle-on-pizza-box that is paper art to the max. Nobody knows it was painted on a pizza box unless you look at the back, otherwise it looks like a professional painting of a turtle that someone won or stole from a Zoo.

Riding a cool wave - Thanks Pizza Box for being there for me - Hello Sweet Turtle