Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turtle Time: Recycled Pizza Box Turned Sea Turtle Add-On to Living Room

Turtle Turtle Tazo Tea Tags

Being a poor poor college student, buying canvas for something I was not going to get a grade on was not an option at the time. One night, after leaving another dorm, I happened past a Mark's Pizza box, the biggest one they give out. I found it had few grease stains and so decided to keep it for some later reason.

Well, that reason came up, I wanted a turtle and I wanted to paint it but I did not have any canvas or free-paper is more like it, to use. And so I cut out a turtle from the pizza box and painted it with acrylic paint all in one night. Craft projects like these are easy, its just about finding the right timing, I had the box for three weeks before I did anything with it. But now I have a sweet turtle-on-pizza-box that is paper art to the max. Nobody knows it was painted on a pizza box unless you look at the back, otherwise it looks like a professional painting of a turtle that someone won or stole from a Zoo.

Riding a cool wave - Thanks Pizza Box for being there for me - Hello Sweet Turtle

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  1. Very nice po' girl! looks like a photo from NatGeo!