Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas Asian: From one asian to another, sharing our love of Jim

Yeah, I went there.
This is for my circus friend Linh, aka asian, aka my good friend. He does a lot with his art - lots of scribbles of landscapes and people and some other *interesting stuff - (hahahha, you can hit me later) and enjoys doing portraits of people occasionally. I decided to return the favor. Linh also shares a liking of Jim with me. Jim is a lot of fun, he really can make a place feel like home. Sometimes when I bring my friend Jim to a party or with me to visit a friend, the night gets a whole lot more interesting or at least opens us up to say more than we would have with out him.

So in dedication to honing a skill with watercolors, I practiced with making a one-of-a-kind christmas card. Now, Linh, you have the best christmas card in the world. I hope you treasure it forever.

I dont know if anyone is going to answer me, but, "Do you like pizza?"

Merry Christmaschanukahakan My Circus Friend

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