Monday, October 24, 2011

FOUND objects turned into sweet artwork or Don't throw that away! Upcycle!

My toilet paper roll mounted window frame

Home interior design inspiration for the pack rat:

Every home is full of junk laying around, stuff that is broken, things that take up space but your mother/husband/sister's fiance's aunt/you think you might need it someday. What to do....where is the stuff going to go??? Don't throw it away, turn it into art by recycling/upcycling the hell out of everything.

It can stay right in your home, granted putting it on the wall or putting it to use to decorate something doesnt take up even more space. Recycle Recycle Recycle. Everyone should rethink the items in their homes and figure out what it could be used as. Re-use old chairs, tables, keep the pieces and turn them into something new.Yes, throwing out things is good for space, and what-not, but, how about instead of buying furniture or design books, just do your own home interior design with your own stuff. Make a craft project out of an old chair, table, microwave, tub, (maybe not the microwave because of electrical crap) get the picture. Getting ideas for how to projects is easy once you find something and then just google it. I usually Stumble upon whatever idea I want to try next. Many people put up pictures of their found art turned interior design inspiration and masterpiece.

Today's post is about finding broken items and turning them into art installations inside your home. Up close your friends might see that you turned a shopping cart into an awesome chair or that your coffee table is entirely made of cardboard, but does it matter? You got free stuff and these days your friends will commend you for finding a new use for something that could of been thrown into a land fill. 
Broken window screen, what to do with it.....

trace the correct size
Used this appetizing sandwich pic
                                                     I had this window screen thingy laying around behind my fridge and decided to do something with it one day. Turning old things into art is easy when you only have so much. Because I do not want to pay for any decorations I j
ust make them all and this causes more creativity in the

1) Find object. I found this window frame and decided to do something easy.

This is the back part
Finished backing

2) Cut out rectangle shapes from newspaper, do colors because they will pop the best. And coordinate with whatever furniture you have, blue goes great with orange, do a bunch of colors and have a multi-colored installation, etc...


                                                                                                                                         3) Tape/glue/hot glue the colored paper on to the frame in any fashion you like. I chose a bunch of different colored papers and randomely placed them in intervals on the window screen.

4) Set it up anyway you like it.

Tips: Any kind of framing-like structure can work, the lighter the better. This one is kind of heavy and I cannot make holes in my walls so I just mounted it on top of toilet paper rolls in my hallway.

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