Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HIGH times DIY inspired Wall Collages: How to home interior design

Made-from-newspaper-images-awesomness on my living room wall

A lot of time is spent these days in-house. Laying on your couch, laying on your other couch, laying on your bed, horizontal sitting at the dinner table, you get the picture right? Relaxing is my lifestyle motto and usually that involves a computer for some tunes and a comfortable place to crash. If I want to be relaxed I make a point to change my environment to achieve that.

In my room, in my college dorm room, in my now apartment I found myself spending a lot of time in the living areas and so changed them accordingly. The easiest way to do this was some magazine material (i.e. glossy colored paper) and some glue sticks. I did not major in art, but I consider it one of the ways in which I spend most of time during off hours or in between work.

People can understand a person better through their artwork. Sometimes you meet a person and then you see some of their artwork and you can understand them better, or you could be more confused if it is some really crazy s.....stuff. I just want to be able to show people how easy it is to take some colors/shapes/images/scenes and brighten-up, shape-up a room so that they can be more comfortable in their surroundings.

Take for instance this piece of mural art.                                                       

Oh hello weird-lookin person next to my kitchen

 Totally just paper images from the South China Morning post that I get for free through my workplace. I took a large image (the model who I think is modeling that jewelery or maybe just how large hands look when placed near your head) and added crazy stuff to it. People could do better than what I did, I am just not that perfectionist about placement so I tend to just throw stuff together. I took the images from the newspaper and made this actively interesting collage that I get to look at while drinking tea in my living room all day long. Try it. It is easy, awesome and free!!! How to interior design is said to be something you have to study....or you could just go at it yourself and find what works for you. Artist murals like the one I made add dynamics, color, mood, and a personal touch to any room. This is great for college dorm rooms or any temporary space or if your just plain cheap. Decorate your place Lee-style.

Enjoy. Aloha.

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